Scopus Interoperability with Engineering Village

Since 2010, the interoperability between Engineering Village and Scopus has expanded. If you have a Scopus subscription, you can automatically link from the record in EV to the relevant record in Scopus.

An overview of the current EV-Scopus interoperability features:

  • July 2011: Addition of links from the Engineering Village record page to Scopus author details page
  • February 2011: Link from the abstract record in Engineering Village to Scopus
  • August 2010: Cited-by links from the abstract record in Engineering Village to Scopus cited-by overview

July 2011

The 2011 July release has gone live and delivers new content, enhanced functionality and expanded interoperability, all specifically designed to help you dig deeper into the databases on the EV platform and integrate results more easily into your daily workflow: Addition of links from the Engineering Village record page to Scopus author details page.

Here’s a snapshot at what’s new on Engineering Village – giving you greater insight and more answers:

Do you have access to SciVerse Scopus at your institution? If you do, now you can benefit from deeper linking between the two products.
The new Author Details link will enable you to navigate directly from Compendex and Inspec articles to the SciVerse Scopus Author Profile/Preview page for each author. This will provide you with information about the author’s affiliation, publication and citation history and more. Just look for the “Tools in Scopus” section of the Abstract/Detailed display formats.

Even if your institution doesn’t have a SciVerse Scopus license, you’ll still be able to view partial information on author detail information from Scopus. Non-Scopus customers will see this page:

Scopus customers will get to see this page and be able to click-through to the full author profile in Scopus:

February 2011

For those institutions with access to Engineering Village and Scopus, librarians will benefit from increased usage of the two products. Researchers will benefit from enhanced workflows due to new links between the two products.

  • Link from the abstract record in Engineering Village to Scopus to see the list of references and details about the author(s), in addition to the list of citations which was already available.
  • Link from the abstract in Scopus to the corresponding Compendex record in Engineering Village complete with hyperlinked controlled and uncontrolled terms.

Find out what’s the link between a SciVerse Scopus abstract and Compendex? How do you get Scopus author details via Engineering Village?

Click here to find out with this short video

Scopus Cited By Links are live! August 2010 Release

As of August 18th, Engineering Village customers subscribing to Compendex and Scopus are be able to see the Scopus Cited By count for every abstract.  EV users can immediately see how many times a particular article has been cited from more than 18,000 titles covered within Scopus.  This feature gives users an indicator of scientific value for a particular article. Even if an EV user is not subscribed to Scopus, they will see the cited by count and view the citation lists in Scopus with limited access to other functionalities. A sample results set and record are below.

In the sample results set, the Cited by link appears to the right of the Abstract, Detailed Abstract and/or Full-Text view:

When viewing an abstract, the Cited by information appears to the right of the abstract information, in the 'Tools in Scopus' box: